Kings Baptist Bible College

Welcome to Kings Baptist Bible College, a ministry of Gospel Light Baptist Church. We are an independent Baptist Bible College that seeks to train men and women for various ministries in the local church and to help equip men for their pastoral calling. It is our desire to make a local and global footprint for His kingdom.  We are an unaccredited Bible college that seeks only to train Christian’s for Christian ministry, and see no need for accreditation from a secularized curriculum that does not meet the standards and beliefs of the Christian faith.  We only use the KJV in all our preaching and studies. If you would like more information on our Bible college and the classes we offer, we would be happy to send you through email our college  handbook that can detail for you more information about our school. Our desire is to focus on Christ centered Bible teaching and education. If this interest you please send an email to  We will be happy to assist you. 

For His Glory

Pastor Brian Warren.