Gates Family: Missionaries to the Arabs of Dearborn, Michigan

The Gates Family had the privilege of establishing the Perfect Rock Baptist Church in Cairo, Egypt from 2010-2017. During that time, they learned the most well-known Arabic dialect and trained Egyptians to serve in the church ministry. They worked boldly to confront both Muslim and Coptic Orthodox Egyptian beliefs with the Gospel. They left Egypt 2017 and, when Brother Gates attempted to return with two other pastors for a visit, they were barred from entry and received no concrete explanation about the refusal from the Egyptian Embassy.

Trusting the Lord, the family was redirected to Dearborn, MI. Dearborn and the surrounding area is home to a half of a million Arabic people and has the largest mosque in North America at it's center. Many of the population declaring Muslim faith while others say Chaldean, with Catholic influences.

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