September 2018  
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Pastor Brian's Sermons and outlines
 Power Point Presentation on the King James Bible  
 The King James Verses other Bibles Compared  
 Its in the Little Things  
 Lessons From a Man After Gods Own Heart  
 What Did I Miss Last Sunday  
 Why God Doesnt Hear You  
 Turn The Page  
 The Great Shepherd  
 The Do and the Do Nots  
 What Mothers Do  
 A Heart Divided  
 Burn Out  
 Journery Off The Map  
 Never Say Never  
 Eleven Great Things  
 Dont Pass Up Your Passover  
 A Bad Ending To A Good Start  
 Commentary On The Book of First Corinthians  
 A Day Without Jesus  
 And Jesus Went  
 Blessing The Lord  
 Breaking The Bondadge of Bad Habits and Besetting Sins   
 Conditions of The Conscience  
 Conditions of The Heart  
 Conjuring Up Confidence  
 Eternal Security  
 Excuses Excuses  
 Finding The Will Of God  
 Five Facts For Fathers  
 Five Fools Of The Bible  
 For He Must Reign  
 Fundamental Facts For Spiritual Growth Part 1  
 Give Me That Old Time Religion  
 Good News For The Grave Soul  
 Powerpoint Presentation on Grieving God  
 Grounded By Guilt  
 Harboring A Vengeful Spirit  
 Help Me Lord To Understand  
 How Can I Know That I KNow HIm  
 How To Handle An Idol  
 How To Handle Conflict  
 How To Make Good Choices  
 Im Not Through With You Yet   
 Its Quiet Time  
 Just Leave It All Behind  
 Knocked Down But Not Out  
 Letting Go  
 Living In Liberty  
 Living Life Full Speed Ahead  
 Preparing for Battle Part 1  
 Preparing For Battle Part 2  
 Selective Salvation  
 Shaking Off The Snakes  
 Ships That Never Sail  
 Standing In The Gap   
 Standing On Solid Ground In A Shaky World  
 Standing On The Promises Of God  
 Stepping Out Of Gods Presence  
 Struggling With Stress  
 Taking Out The Trash  
 Under Construction Part 1  
 Under Construction Part 2  
 The Backlash Of Barrenness  
 The Carnality Of Compromise  
 The Encourager  
 The Gift Of Grace  
 The God Of Hills And Valleys  
 The Judgment Seat Of Christ  
 The Healing Of The Noblemans Son  
 The Hand Of Our Lord  
 The King Is Born  
 The Master of Breakthroughs  
 The Miracle of Moses  
 The Miracle of The Raising of Lazarus  
 The Miracles of Belief  
 The Name of Jesus  
 The Old Old Story  
 The Parables of The Lost  
 Living A Life of Peace  
 The Pitfalls of a Hard Heart  
 The Potters House  
 The Priority of prayer  
 The Priority of Prayer Part 2  
 The Reality of Eternal Security  
 The Reality of Hell   
 The Secret Place  
 The Three Men of The world  
 The Traits of the True Believer  
 Then Cometh The End